Caravan and Trailer Security

Designed to resist Oxyacetylene Gas Cutting

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Security against oxyacetylene

The JSB Hublock has been specifically designed and tested to resist oxyacetylene cutting gear.

Wheel clamps, hitch locks, security posts, chains and anchor points, steel gates and fences can be removed in less than one minute. Even the latest "through the wheel" type locks recommended by your insurance providers are vulnerable and easily removed.

It's time to review the security of your caravan and avoid the upset and inconvenience of losing your valuable possessions.

1) Effectively immobilises Caravans and Trailers.

2) Top quality security bolts.

3) Infinite number of key combinations.

4) Replacement keys available.

5) Patented design.

6) Exceeds all Sold Secure Awards.

7) Prevents damage to tyres during long storage periods.

8) Prevents damage to tyres from UV.

9) Suitable for all Alko/BPW chassis Caravans. 

    4 studx100mm PCD. M12 x 1.5 bolts.

    5 studx112mm PCD. M12 x 1.5 bolts.

Have you had your caravan stolen?

More than 3000 caravans are stolen each year with the vast majority from storage, either from your driveway at home or from specialist caravan storage sites.

Following the theft of our own caravan we carried out a thorough search of existing security devices and soon realised none were able to withstand the methods used by todays professional thieves.

For this reason we designed our own JSB HUBLOCK, the only device cable of withstanding an attack by oxyacetylene cutting equipment, angle grinders etc.

Winter Storage

It's recomended that wheels should be removed to prevent damage to tyres during prolonged periods of storage.

This means that standard wheel locks and clamps can no longer be fitted and security is thereby compromised.

The JSB Hublock allows both wheels to be removed whilst still providing the highest level of security.

Don't gamble with security .....

               ..... Fit the JSB Hublock

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