The JSB Hublock was tested by Sold Secure gaining the Gold Award, the highest award available.

Sold Secure tests cover only methods used by "Opportunist Thieves", and includes angle grinders, drilling, hammering, chiselling, freezing, removal sockets and specialised removal tools etc., available to automotive engineers and tyre fitters. They do not include oxyacetylene cutting gear commonly used by "Professional Thieves".

To resist these more extreme methods we carried out our own tests, with professional engineers using a range of heavy industrial equipment in workshop conditions and with no time restrictions.

For workshop tests the JSB Hublock was bolted to an Alko hub assembly mounted on a suitable jig.                       

YOU TUBE           Workshop testing of the JSB HUBLOCK


Part 1            


Part 2           

Part 1 - The initial burning where the operator tried to melt the security bolts to remove the Hublock.

As soon as the gas torch was removed the molten metal cooled, effectively welding the Hublock to the brake housing.

The fixings of the security bolts are at the very base of the Hublock giving no access for cutting.

The operator then attempted to access the fixings by melting the complete Hublock disc.

After ten minutes of cutting the operator stopped and confirmed it would be impossible to remove the Hublock and our tests were proved successful.

The operator had problems with blow back of molten metal and had to stop several times to clear the nozzle.

Tests were carried out in workshop conditions using heavy duty industrial equipment, and the Hublock was mounted on an Alko braked hub assembly.

Part 2 - The operator was now asked to continue as long as required to remove the hublock completely and gain access to the Alko hub.

The operator continued for a further 30 minutes after fitting the largest nozzle available and finally melted the complete hublock.

We were able to access the Alko hub and found that due to the high thermal mass of the Hublock the bearing assembly was completely destroyed.

This part of the test was proved successful

Welding tests were carried out in workshop conditions but all attempts failed due to the limited access around the security bolts.

Tests were carried out using a heavy duty Stihl saw, and resistance was proved to be in excess of three hours.

JSB Hublock the ULTIMATE in Caravan Security.

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